“On the east side of City Market you will find a list of bands and artists who are going to perform in the upcoming weeks. . . . TradeWinds attracts many locals who will start dancing from the first song until the very last.”
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The Tradewinds Rhythm and Blues Band

Savannah’s Premier R&B and Soul Music Band


The Tradewinds Rhythm and Blues Band has been a Savannah institution for over twenty years. During this time, many fine musicians have contributed in making the band a true standard-bearer of Soul, R&B and Motown tunes.


Following is a roster of these musicians, and a few archive photos follow the roster:

Johnny Louder: Founding Member, Bandleader, Vocals and Bass Guitar

Skip Hinely: Drums and Bass Guitar

Robert Moore: Vocals and Guitar

John Clark: Bass Guitar and Tenor Sax

Clarence “Sweet Smitty” Smith: Lead Vocals

Steven Bryan: Keyboards

Steffens Clark: Guitar and Bandleader

Duane ____: Guitar

Ernest Mobley: Drums

Craig Washington: Guitar

Phil Alaimo: Guitar

Phil McDonald: Bass Guitar

Sarah Clark: Lead and Backup Vocals

Larry Duff: Drums

Jesse Jordan: Drums

Bobby Lewis: Hammond Organ

Dave Pfeiffer:  Drums

John ______:  Drums



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The Tradewinds Rhythm and Blues Band
 Savannah’s Premier R&B and Soul Music Group
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